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Father Gregory Grant

Update on Services

As you know all services are cancelled until further notice. Please join your fellow parishioners in worship from your home by following this link:
St Patricks Catholic Church.

9.00am daily Mass with Canon Gregory Grant from St Patrick's Church.

You do not require a Facebook account to view the live stream.

Please see the Holy Week 2020 page for full details of Easter services which start next week with Maundy Thursday on 9 April. Further information can be found in the Bulletin.

A Message from Canon Gregory

Dear Parishioners,

Easter is a time of Joy. Jesus said, “I have come so that my Joy may be in you and your Joy may be complete.” The church rejoices at The Resurrection. But before The Resurrection, we need to accompany Jesus into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), be with him at his arrest by the Roman soldiers (Holy Thursday), walk with him to his crucifixion and death (Good Friday) and wait patiently for his Resurrection (Holy Saturday).

Jesus is called Emmanuel, a name which means “God is with Us”. This Holy Week, we are with God. We show him our solidarity and express our appreciation for all that he does for us. Last Thursday, all of us in Dillon Court joined the rest of the country at 8:00pm to stand on our doorsteps and balconies to clap and applaud our NHS staff. There was a great sense of unity and solidarity in this simple act. We recognise what the NHS staff do for us; their risks and their commitment. Holy Week is our opportunity to recognise what Jesus has done for us. Please be with Him in His Journey to The Cross and The Resurrection. If we die with Him, then we will rise with Him and our Joy will be complete.

God bless you All,

Canon Gregory Grant