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£1.3 Million St Patrick’s Development Project


Photo by Nigel Williams, Black Iris Images - used with permission.

The parish church is currently undergoing dramatic changes. The project scheduled for completion later this year is in three parts:

Church extension

A new extension is doubling the length of the main nave area and providing an additional 120 seats for the expanding congregation. St Patrick’s had 400 people attending Sunday Mass after the new church opened in 1995. This number has swelled to 650 and is expected to increase.

The extension will house the Baptistry and the Columbarium and will be known as The Chapel of the Resurrection.

The Narthex

The entrance to the church is also doubling in size and parishioners will enter the building though a new 14 metre wide glass screen with artwork depicting The New Creation. The Narthex will be flanked by the new parish office on one side and a new sacristy on the other.

The Shore Gallery

This popular downstairs function room will increase in size by 50% allowing banqueting seating for 80 – 100 guests! There will be a new kitchen and toilets.

Progress of the Development

A photograhic record of the development project can be viewed here and here.

The Artwork

St Patrick’s is famous for its fabulous eclectic artwork reflecting the fact that people from more than 40 countries worship here. New additions are planned to decorate the expanding interior. The parishioners responded enthusiastically to an appeal for prayer and sponsorship for individual items ranging in cost from £800 to £20,000. It took less than four weeks for over 50 items to find sponsors who donated in excess of £150,000.

Father Gregory said “I am overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity which is a witness to their love of their church and parish”.

The Artwork for 4 Stained Glass Windows


Images from left to right:
The Resurrection - sponsored by the People of the Parish
Pentecost - sponsored by the Anstey & Hemmings families
The Ascension - sponsored by Jo & Denis Deasey
Our Lady, Untier of Knots - sponsored by Denise & Paul Gaiger

Greek Icons

greek icon

A series of beautiful handmade icons will be included in the Baptistry, courtesy of Fr Greg's family, Glen and Pat Grant and their children, Alec, Fiona and Michael.

The Columbarium

A unique feature of the new development is The Columbarium. Cabinets housing The new Stations of the Cross also contain over 400 vaults for the internment off cremated remains. Even before advertising or promotion many parishioners are reserving their future final resting place.

Father Gregory says “It will be one of the most beautiful resting places for loved ones anywhere in the world. It will be available to people of all faiths and those who want to gift their loved ones with a special place that is holy and dignified. The Columbarium will prompt us to keep the church open each day of the week. It will facilitate an atmosphere of prayer and love.

Stations of the Cross

fourth station

These cameo glass Stations of the Cross are being made by master craftsman Stephen Bradley at his studio in Devon.



Altar server Jismon Jose came up with a unique way to boost the fundraising of the Come and See Group - he raised an amazing £1,800 by dyeing his hair white! The group is planning other fundraising activities including hosting the St Patrick's Summer Ball on 14th July.

Sponsorship for Church furniture and artworks

1. Glazed Screen 14 m x 3 m for Church entrance£20,000Leahy family
2. Mosaic of the Nativity£10,000St. Patrick’s School
3. Mosaic of The Resurrection£10,000Humphrey/Vincent family
4. Mosaic of The Rainbow Procession of Saints£10,000Come and See Group
5. Stained Glass Window The Resurrection£5,000People of the parish
6. Stained Glass Window The Ascension£5,000Jo & Denis Deasey
7. Stained Glass Window Pentecost£5,000Anstey/Hemmings families
8. Stained Glass Window Our Lady Untier of Knots£5,000Denise & Paul Gaiger
9. Stained Glass Window St. Patrick on the Tower£5,000Brooks family
10. Stations of the Cross: Jesus is condemned to death£2,000Nykolyszyn/Hewitt family
11. Stations of the Cross: Jesus takes up his cross£2,000Rose Adims & family
12. Stations of the Cross: Jesus falls for the first time£2,000Jaworski family
13. Stations of the Cross: Jesus meets his mother£2,000Lewis family
14. Stations of the Cross: Simon of Cyrene helps carry the cross£2,000Married Couples
15. Stations of the Cross: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus£2,000Jane & Graham Tiley
16. Stations of the Cross: Jesus falls for the second time£2,000Patsy & Nora McCarthy
17. Stations of the Cross: Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem£2,000Pat Uren/Amelia Dunford
18. Stations of the Cross: Jesus falls for the third time£2,000Kath & Rob Easton
19. Stations of the Cross: Jesus is stripped of his garments£2,000Joline & Peter Hinchey
20. Stations of the Cross: Jesus is nailed to the cross£2,000Griffiths/McDonnell family
21. Stations of the Cross: Jesus dies on the cross£2,000Polish Community
22. Stations of the Cross: Jesus is taken down from the cross£2,000Keralite Community
23. Stations of the Cross: Jesus is laid in the tomb£2,000Stuart & Greg Gaiger
24. Large Bench£1,200O’Hara/Green families
25. Large Bench£1,200Pat, Graham & Kim Parker
26. Large Bench£1,200Robbins/Pickering fam
27. Large Bench£1,200Caroline White family
28. Large Bench£1,200Shields family
29. Large Bench£1,200Anonymous
30. Large Bench£1,200Anonymous
31. Large Bench£1,200Rob King
32. Large Bench£1,200Robert Morris family
33. Large Bench£1,200Musicians/Choir
34. Large Bench£1,200Willie & Teresa O’Brien
35. Large Bench£1,200Christine Howie
36. Small Bench£800Anne Byrne
37. Small Bench£800Harangozo family
38. Small Bench£800Dewfall family
39. Small Bench£800Beasley-Suffolk family

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