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Parish Fundraising

Dear Parishioner

Our busy parish office rarely has time to undertake tasks that are important but time-consuming. Now that our office staff have time, I have asked them to promote a campaign that we have long waited to request but never had the opportunity to implement. I thank them for continuing to work on initiatives from home and co-ordinate this appeal.

Only a small number of our parishioners donate to the offertory by standing order. As a result, because of the current church closure and charity shop closure, our income is currently down by £1000 a week. We are still paying all our staff salaries and running costs. By the end of this month, the parish current account will be overdrawn.

Donations by Standing Order

When you contribute to the church by standing order your payment is regular and not susceptible to emergencies, such as this unprecedented pandemic, or holidays or absence from Mass due to sickness, work or caring for others.

I am asking everyone in the parish to make their church donation by monthly standing order. This change in the way you donate will be a great help to the church, not just now but in the future. It is very simple to do and you only fill out the forms once. Office staff are contactable by phone via the parish office if you need any further information or help.

I would like everyone over the age of 18 to consider making a standing order for £10 each month. If you are able to give more, that would be appreciated. If you pay tax, you can Gift Aid your donation which means the government gives us 25% more than you pledge. A £10 donation becomes £12.50, a £20 donation becomes £25. Please help us to make this new system work.

Please request a standing order form by emailing the Parish Office at: If you state that you are UK taxpayer, you will also be provided with a Gift Aid Declaration to complete.

May God bless you All.

Every good wish,

Canon Gregory Grant