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Arthur Fleischmann

Arthur Fleischmann was born in Hungary. After qualifying as a doctor he turned to sculpture as a profession taking up a scholarship in Vienna. His work took him to Italy, Paris, South Africa, Bali, Australia - eventually he settled in London. He worked in all mediums: wood, bronze, stone, but is the pioneer of Perspex as a sculpture medium. He was excited by the translucent qualities of acrylic and his unique style won him commissions throughout the world: The Risen Christ for the Vatican, Bronze Doors for the Mitchell Library in Sydney, Bronze Fountain for the Government House in Canberra, Perspex Water Sculpture for Japan, and in 1977 his "Crystal Crown" carved out of a massive block of acrylic was unveiled by the Queen in St. Katherine Dock, London, in celebration of her Silver Jubilee. He is the only artist in history to have been invited to sculpt four Popes from life: Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI & John Paul II.

His suite of Sanctuary Furniture: The Altar, The Lectern, The two Candelabra, The Crucifix and The Baptismal Font were the property of the Archdiocese of Westminster and were on display at an exhibition in the crypt of Westminster Cathedral when The Times art's correspondent wrote a feature describing their special quality. Fr. Gregory Grant began negotiations with H.E. Cardinal Basil Hume and the artist's widow, Mrs Joyce Fleischman, and the pieces were donated to the New Church as a gift in memory of the artist.