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The Stained Glass Windows

The stained glass windows in the Church are a blend of the old and new. The eight windows of the saints were taken from the disused catholic cathedral in Bristol which is in a state of dereliction in Clifton. The three lancet crucifixion scene was moved from the old St. Patrick's Church to its present position. The two large circular windows were commissioned from new especially for the Church.

new stained glass window the lancet crucifixion window new stained glass window

All of the work - restoration, relocation and new design - was done by the Bristol Firm Creative Glass.

A tour of the windows

St. George is seen in the first window on the right close to the organ. He is the patron saint of England.

St. Patrick was captured in England in the 5th century and taken as a slave to Ireland. He is the patron saint of Ireland.

St. Ambrose was the 4th century bishop of Milan who converted St. Augustine to the faith. He was the Patron Bishop Burton, bishop of Clifton from 1902 - 1931. Bishop Ambrose Burton ordained Monsignor Canon William Dillon, founder of St. Patrick's Church.

Blessed Margaret Pole was born in this diocese as the daughter of the Duke of Clarence and niece of King Richard III, she was governess of Queen Mary. She was the mother of the last catholic Archbishop of Canterbury, Cardinal Pole. Her title was Countess of Salisbury and she was executed for her faith in the Tower of London in 1541.

st george stained glass window saint patrick stained glass windwo saint ambrose stained glass window the blessed margaret pole stained glass windwo

St. Wulstan built the parish church in Westbury-on-Trym and later became Bishop of Worcester from 1062 - 1095. He became involved in the efforts to end the slave trade in Bristol.

Blessed Richard Whiting was last Abbot of Glastonbury and presided over the community of 100 monks. He was executed on Glastonbury Tor in 1539 when Henry Viii dissolved the Monastery.

St. William of York was a nephew of King Stephen of England and suffered grievously at Royal hands. He died in 1154 and was canonised in 1227.

St. Hugh of Lincoln was born in Burgandy in 1140 and became head of a monastery in Somerset before being appointed Bishop of Lincoln. He died in the year 1200.

st wulstan stained glass window the blessed richard whiting stained glass windwo saint william of york stained glass window st hugh of lincoln stained glass window

The artist used many parishioners as models in this series as well as his own family and friends. The paintings took four and a half years to complete.