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saint patricks wall paintings by philipino artist ramon gastin

The Six Wall Paintings

Ramon Gaston

One of the dominant features of the new Church is the series of six paintings by the Philipino artist, Ramon Gaston. This international portrait painter, famous for his studies of leading public figures - President and Mrs. Marcos, President Corrie Aquino, President Bush, The Chancellor of Germany - devoted four and a half years to work exclusively on this commission for the new Church.

If you put the paintings side by side they would measure 80ft by 10ft, almost 100 square metres! They are all oil on canvas and stretched over wood frames before being hoisted into position.

The paintings are based on scripture texts and catholic tradition and feature the Virgin Mary as the unifying theme of the series.

Standing facing the altar and turning to your left the themes from right to left are:

1. The Annunciation : Mary and the angel Gabriel. Based on the text from Ephesians - "Take the sword of the Holy Spirit which is the Word of God."

2. The Return to Israel : Jesus, Mary and Joseph leave Egypt to go back to israel following the death of King Herod. "Out of Egypt I have called my Son."

3. The Wedding Feast of Cana : Mary asks Jesus to change the water into wine. "The mother of Jesus said to him, they have no wine."

annunciation of the virgin mary the return to israel the wedding in cana

4. Jesus Commissions the Disciples : Jesus tells his disciples to preach and the Virgin is performing her first miracle as the lame girl's crutch falls away. "Go out to the whole world and proclaim the good news."

5. The Coronation of the Virgin as Queen of Heaven : The Virgin Mary is surrounded by Jesus and her parents, his grandparents, Anna and Jacob, as she is honoured as The Queen of Heaven.

6. The Ascension of the Virgin into Heaven : The Virgin Mary is taken up into Heaven at the end of her life on Earth. She is being received by the three angles, Faith, Hope and Charity. Her Assumption is watched by People on earth on the right of the painting and the souls in Hell on the left who are interceding to her for prayers for their salvation.

annunciation of the virgin mary the return to israel the wedding in cana

The artist used many parishioners as models in this series as well as his own family and friends. The paintings took four and a half years to complete.