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Saint Patricks Logo
Fundraising events organised by the Grant Bradley Charitable Trust

Christian Giving

A very big thank you to all who regularly contribute to the upkeep and running of St Patrick's Parish. Our second collection each week contributes to the payment of the mortgage on our church. Occasionally, we have special appeals to support good causes, including CAFOD, the Diocesan Priests' Retirement Fund and The Little Sisters of the Poor.

Please consider active Christian Stewardship!
All wage earners might give one hours salary a week to the church and do so through the envelope donation scheme or by standing order on a monthly basis. All non wage earners (pensioners, parishioners on benefit, students ) might give what they can afford, also by standing order. Please contact the Parish Office on 0117 9557662 for more information.

Please Giftaid it!
It's the government's way of encouraging people to give to charities, including the Church, by allowing the charity to recover the tax you have paid if you complete a simple declaration. All you need to do is provide your full name and address, including your post code, and the date and sign a statement that you want the church to recover tax you have paid on your gift or gifts. Giftaid onations are given through the envelope scheme, or by cheque or standing order to qualify. On the other hand, you can backdate your declaration, so that tax can be reclaimed on any gift you have made since 6th April six years ago in any of these ways.

The parish has a number of fundraising events throughout the year - please look out for details of the Parish Fete, Bonfire Night and fun parties!

The "300 Club" - what is it?
The 300 Club is a fund raising activity which raises funds for the parish and also gives back something to it's members. In fact, the 300 Club gives back 50% of it's income to members.

How is it run and how do I join?
We have 300 numbers from 1 to 300! Members chose their favourite number in the beginning in the hope it would bring them good luck! For many it has, again and again!

Currently we are looking for new members and have approximately 30 numbers waiting for new owners!
⦁    Choose your number - you may have more than one number but each number is £1 per week
⦁    Membership is open to all and costs £1 per week per number payable monthly in advance
⦁    Membership can be paid at all week-end Masses.
⦁    Membership by quarterly, half yearly or yearly Standing Order is encouraged.

A weekly draw takes place, generally on Sunday morning in the Brooks Hall. Weekly prize money is :1st prize £50, 2nd prize £20 and 3 prizes of £10 totalling £5,000 per year.

Twice a year in July and December we have the "Big Draw" and prize money is:1st prize £500, 2nd prize £100, 2 x £50, 2 x £25 & 5 x £10 totalling £1,600.